Salinity Meter

Electronics India is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Salinity Meters from India. Company’s high quality Microprocessor based Conducitvity/TDS/Salinity Meters are ideal choice for Conductivity / TDS measurements in research institutes and industries.

The Digital Salinity Meters are also highly durable and in great demand. Electronics India is reputed Salinity Meter manufacturer, supplier and exporter from India. Besides, Electronics India is also counted among the leading manufacturer and supplier of other electrochemistry instruments like pH Meters, Conductivity Meters, TDS Meters, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Turbidity Meters, Nephelometers, Colony Counters etc. from India.

Salinity Meters are ideal for monitoring salt contents in water and soluble salts in soils. They are extremely useful instruments for agriculture and soil analysis labs, fertilizer plants, petroleum refineries, textile plants etc.

The use of solid state technology and IC circuitry makes the instrument versatile and reliable. The instrument is ideal for testing water, drinking water, waste water brine solution, sea water and soluble salts etc.

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