Digital TDS Meter 661(Portable)


  • ABS Plastic Body
  • 3 ½ digit LCD display
  • Rugged Portability
  • TDS measurements

Designed in ABS Plastic to provide the rugged portability matched in fields with the accuracy demanded in the laboratory. A beautiful carrying case holds every thing needed in the field operation. These are useful test instruments to measure TDS (Total Dissolve Solids) of any solution in the fields, laboratory or plant.


Range 0-1999 ppm, 0-19.99 ppt
Resolution 1 ppm
Sensor TDS Cell (Dip type)
Accuracy 1% FS
Display 3 ½ digit LCD
Battery 9V DC
Size 180x85x30 mm

Note : Specifications are subject to change due to continuous improvements.