Digital Flame Photometer – 381


  • Simple & Easy to Operate
  • Narrow Band Interference Filters
  • Accurate Na, K, Ca, & Li Determination
  • Mixing Chamber Designed For Stable Flame
  • Concentric Non-Corrosive Nebulizer
  • Auto Ignition

Digital Flame Photometer – 381 is a simple & easy to operate instrument for determination of Sodium, Potassium, Calcium & Lithium. It is an ideal instrument for soil testing labs.

The instruments are supplied in two units viz. Main Unit and Compressor Unit. The Main Unit comprises of digital displays, detector, filters and nebulizer. The compressor unit supplies the compressed air to the main unit.

Air at a given pressure is passed into the atomiser. The suction produced by it, draws the sample solution into the nebulizer and is sprayed as fine mist into the flame. The light emitted by the element at the characteristic wavelength is isolated by the narrow band interference filters, which then falls on to the silicon photodiode. After signal conditioning of the photodiode output, it is sent to digital converter and the results are displayed directly in ppm/meq units. The narrow band interference filters are mounted on a rotating disc fitted within the Main Unit. Appropriate filter can be selected by rotating this disc with the thumb. The oil free compressor with regulator maintains a stable airflow.


Model 381
Range Na: 0 – 100 ppm

K : 0 – 100 ppm

Ca: 15 – 100 ppm

Li: 10 – 100 ppm (Optional)

Sensitivity Na: 5 ppm

K : 5 ppm

Ca: 10 ppm

Li: 10 ppm

Accuracy + 2% upto 40 ppm,
+ 5% above 40 ppm
One element
at a time
Readout 2½ Digit
7-Segment LED
Ignition System In-built electronic Ignition by press of switch
Repeatability + 2 Counts
Detector Silicon Photodiode
Filters Narrow band interference glass filters
Nebulizer Black backelite, axial flow type
Flame System LPG & dry oil free air
Warm-Up Time 10 minutes
Power 230 V + 10% AC, 50 Hz
Dimensions 375 x 245 x 220 mm (L x B x H) (Approx.)
Weight 7.5 Kg (Approx.)
Air Supply By oil free mini compressor unit with pressure regulator
Combustion Gas LPG controlled by precision regulator
Power 230 V + 10% AC, 50 Hz
Dimensions 290 x 255 x 210 mm (L x B x H) (Approx.)
Weight 8 Kg (Approx.)

Note : Specifications are subject to change due to continuous improvements.