Bulk Density Apparatus – 951


  • Extremely useful for Pharmaceutical Lab
  • Highly Accurate and Easy to Operate
  • Microcontroller Based Digital Display
  • Soft Touch Membrane Keys
  • 3 LED’s for status Indication
  • Audible Alarm Sound
  • Last Count Retention on Power Failure

Bulk Density Apparatus – 951 is a specially designed to study the packing down of powder beds of different pharmaceutical and chemical powders, flakes, pellets, granules and other bulk substances. Bulk Density is an essential test required in the process of tablet, capsule filling and cosmetic manufacturing.

The system is equipped with microcontroller based digital display for displaying accurate and exact stroke count and soft touch membrane type keys for ease of operation. The system has ‘SET’, ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ keys, for setting the total number of required strokes (Set Count) for the current measurement session. User can set to any number of required strokes within the range from 1 to 9999 counts. The system automatically stores the last ‘Set Count’ value which is retained in the memory even when the instrument is switched off. Each stroke count is displayed on the 4 digit seven segment bright red LED display on the front panel. A common lock cushioned holder for both the cylinders drops down smoothly from the height and holds the cylinders. The Up/Down (i.e. Tapping) movement of the cylinders stop automatically at the ‘Set Count’ value. An audible alarm sound indicates that the current measurement session is over.

In case of power failure, the last counts are retained and the instrument starts counting automatically from the point of power failure. The instrument uses the latest microprocessor technology and advanced engineering techniques so as to give enhanced accuracy and reproducibility.


Maximum Counts 9999
Display 4 Digit 7-Segment Red LED
Keyboard 6 Soft Touch Membrane Keys
Cylinder 2 Nos., 50/100 ml Cylinders
Drop Height 25 mm, 35 mm, 55 mm (Approx.)
Power 230 V ± 10% AC, 50 Hz.
Dimensions 600 x 450 x 200 mm (Approx.)
Weight 12 Kg (approx.)
Accessories 50 ml Cylinders – 2 Nos., Instruction Manual & Dust Cover

Note : Specifications are subject to change due to continuous improvements.